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PostHeaderIcon Summer camp registration is now open!

Sign up today! YouTube Preview Image

PostHeaderIcon Stone Soup

We are making Stone Soup November 25th and 26th starting at 10:00am.

PostHeaderIcon First Priority Waitlist for Siblings – AROF


If you currently have a student that attends our school and would like a sibling to start in January, this is your chance to have your child listed first on our waitlist. We will give your family priority over new arrivals.

Your child will need to be 2.5 years old by January. Please email Silver at with your child’s name, birthdate and which program you will need (MWF, TTH, Morning, All Day, etc.).

You will receive a 10% discount off your total monthly tuition for siblings. Registration for a sibling is $25, but that will not be collected until we are sure there is a spot for your child.


Thank you,

Silver Buonocore

Business Manager


PostHeaderIcon Mary Kay Fundraiser for the Playground Expansion


We are excited to announce that a parent from our school is donating her profits from Mary Kay sales during November 10-21 for the playground expansion! She will also have a product display on November 17 and 18 in the Gathering Place for samples and ordering. This is a great time to work on some Christmas shopping and help support your school!

Thank you!

Renee Green

MK fundraiser

PostHeaderIcon A story on the schools cancer awareness/meet the pastors day event


PostHeaderIcon Recap: What a Difference Discipline Makes! This Week: What a Difference Attitude Makes!!!

Remember discipline (not punishment) is what God wants us to do to teach our children.  Remember your goal is to raise your kids UP, teach them UP, grow them UP–towards that positive image you have of them when they are ready to leave home.  Also remember It’s now or never—you don’t have forever!  If you want a happier family, discipline makes a big difference!

I hope the 5 day plan went well!
Day 1- Reflect on your own concept od discipline an how it came to be.
Day 2- Evaluate how you  “discipine,” then make changes as necessary.
Day 3- Fous on financial discipline, especially as it applies to your kids.
Day 4- Consider discipline as it applies to the health and fitness of
everyone in your family.
Day 5- Focus on striving for a more disciplined spiritual life for your family..

Thursday we will be learning about:

WHAT A DIFFERENCE ATTITUDE MAKES!  So important1  Attitude can make or break a family, a church, and organization in a very short period of time!  YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!!!  IT IS TO GOOD AND TO IMPORTANT!  INVITE A FRIEND AND LET’S LEARN TOGETHER!!!

Childcare provided!!!

6:30 pm- 8:00 pm!

PostHeaderIcon Opt-In Text Messanging Program – Now Available

The school is starting an opt-in program where you can receive text messages with important reminders on school days. This app will keep you informed of school closings and snow days as well! We promise that it will be used sparingly throughout the school year!

To opt-in, text @arainb to 719-297-4591, and hit send. You will get a text back asking you for your full name. After that, you will be sent the link to set up your account.

This number is a general one for the school. Your child’s teacher may set up their own account for reminders that are specific to you or your class. They will hand out information at the school for that.

You can opt-out of the program at any time and still receive important information through Facebook, our website, our newsletters, and email.

If you are a parent that does not check social media or emails everyday, or you like to have morning reminders – we really do encourage you to sign up for this text messaging program.


Thank you,

Renee Green


PostHeaderIcon Recap: What a Difference a Dad Makes!

A Fathers Influence leaves an Indelible Imprint in our children’s lives after they grow up!!!
Dad’s get involved with your family. Lead your family with motivation and NOT intimidation! Remember you are the protector, the provider that leads the family in whatever direction you lead it. Lead it well, lead it with positiveness, and with wisdom.

Here is the 5 day plan:
Day 1: Dads focus on yourself! Golf, fish or do something for yourself.
Day 2: Project a warm open loving attitude around your home and family.
Day 3: Make it obvious to your children how much you love and appreciate their mother.
Day 4: Focus on how you relate to your children in terms of their behavior.
Day 5: Set your mind on an image of what you want your kids to “be” when they’re ready to leave home as adults.

Paul Jones thank you for coming and telling your testimony!
Your insight as a Dad and what you have learned from the class was very knowledgeable.
Thank you!

Next week:  What a Difference Discipline Makes!!!

If you haven’t made it to one of our previous classes come to this one!!!  You won’t regret it!!!

Thurs. Oct. 9 @ 6:30 pm.  Free childcare provided!

PostHeaderIcon Newsletter October 2014

Click newsletter to see full size



PostHeaderIcon What a Difference a Dad Makes!!!

Parenting Class!!! So excited. Dads come on! We need to know what makes you tick!! How can we be there as wife? How can we help you be the best leader? How can we help you be the best dad ever? how can you be the one person who will protect your family from everything. We need you!!! Please come teach others about being a great DAD!! You are already a great dad! . Come in- It is so awarding. I promise!! Do it for your wife– You won’t regret it. I prom


A Mother’s influence leaves an indelible Imprint that simply cannot be ERASED!

Our second class was a great success! We had new people who attended the class. Each of us are really good parents but we all want to learn how to improve and be better. That right there is what God wants. Thank you for attending. You coming energizes Paul and I to be there for you!!! If you have not had a chance to come– it is not to late to learn. Tell a friend and bring them- You will be glad you did!!!

Last week we learned how to set Godly examples, the importance to pray for our kids, how to apply what we’ve talked about and how we will get a solid a shot at raising great kids. We can do It and we can do it together!!

Here is the reminder for the 5 Day plan this week. Make sure to do it! You will see great results!!!

Day 1. Focus on yourself– Think—envision—concentrate on that positive and godly iimage of the woman God wants you to be.

Day 2: Focus today on the needs of your children–Take a positive action to meet them.

Day 3: Show your child through words and actions just how much you love and admire your husband–their FATHER!!!

Day 4: Communicate with your kids—engage in conversation with them.

Day 5: Today, zero in on your kids attitudes, their friends, relationships, boundaries, school work, whats going on in their head and their world!

A couple of you have emailed me and have explained exactly what they are struggling with. I have given you the best advice I can and I hear it is working!!! Awesome!

Remember to email me with any problems you have! I will get back with you!!!

Next week is going to be awesome! This is the week for DADS..

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAD MAKES! I just got done watching the video! Wow, it is POWERFUL! You won’t want to miss it!!!!!


Excitement is in the air!!


Thursday, Sept. 25, at 6:30pm.